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Fundamentals of horse care & riding through Ready Set Trot check out the video:

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Closes to the heart of the Gold Coast, family run horse riding school. We help you be happy and healthy through horse experiences.

Personalised professional business that cares about you having some fun, gaining confidence and developing skills in a safe environment
Horse Care, Handling, Connection, Balance, Advancement.  Even unique day out experiences that is so much more than a trail ride!

* Over 10yrs established operation

* Highly experienced instructors with over 35yrs of knowledge and passion.

* Best horses as acknowledged by reviews.
* Quality facilities- Check out our pics
* Beautiful & peaceful location
* We know what you want- we welcome feedback!

Horse Riding is a very unique experience. Mastering our program at the Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat can provide you a great opportunity to boost your general confidence, develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

**Responsibility and care, Strength & empowerment, Ownership & knowledge for the very basics in everything horses

**Connecting on an emotional level, Concentration,  Confidence development, Challenge & achievement, The perfect way to start your riding journey

**Discover the variety of equine disciplines you can learn, Ride, Relax, Enjoy

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Horse Hire/Horses for Sale


Great opportunity if you don't have time 24x7 to look after a horse!  Or get to experience what it is like to own a horse!

Rare offer to part lease one of our horses for full use by you and the horse worked into lessons around your usage.  You have free agistment (worth $50) since the horse is owned by us and still used for the riding school. 
$135 per week total includes the following:
-  $68 for feed of pellets, chaff, hay & oil
-  $15 shoeing, $2 worming
-  $50 daily care feeding & rugging. 
-  Vet costs you pay if something happens while the horse is being used by you in your care. 
$100 per week if you are having lessons in addition to your part lease

*Note: Person must be capable of all horse handling on own and ability to walk trot and at least started to learn canter. Expression of interest taken and Person will be allocated best suited horse. 
*$20 discount on private and group 1hr lessons

Ph 0431357233 or email if interested 
For more information, 0431357233 or email


All horses are only sold to experienced horse owners so we can ensure the horses are well looked after when sold and they are kept in best behaviour and performance to ensure they don't develop bad habits. Horses need to be owned by people that understand love and discipline.

For more information, 0431357233 or email

Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat

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