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Fundamentals of horse care & riding through Ready Set Trot check out the video:

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Closes to the heart of the Gold Coast, family run horse riding school. We help you be happy and healthy through horse experiences.

Personalised professional business that cares about you having some fun, gaining confidence and developing skills in a safe environment
Horse Care, Handling, Connection, Balance, Advancement.  Even unique day out experiences that is so much more than a trail ride!

* Over 10yrs established operation

* Highly experienced instructors with over 35yrs of knowledge and passion.

* Best horses as acknowledged by reviews.
* Quality facilities- Check out our pics
* Beautiful & peaceful location
* We know what you want- we welcome feedback!

Horse Riding is a very unique experience. Mastering our program at the Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat can provide you a great opportunity to boost your general confidence, develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

**Responsibility and care, Strength & empowerment, Ownership & knowledge for the very basics in everything horses

**Connecting on an emotional level, Concentration,  Confidence development, Challenge & achievement, The perfect way to start your riding journey

**Discover the variety of equine disciplines you can learn, Ride, Relax, Enjoy

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A great way to experience the majesty of horses. The program developed by Olympic Opening Ceremony Rider Debbie Burgermeister, will impart 35 years of natural horsemanship experience into a wonderful journey. Combine Horse Care & Handling, Horse Connection, Balanced Riding and LEARN TO RIDE IN A DAY or JUST EXPERIENCE HORSE PLAY **Our Horses 101 program is great for anyone ages 8 to 80 to try something different, get outdoors, own a horse one day, mums groups, school or corporate groups. Take home some great knowledge on the basics of horse care & ownership. **For the little ones from 3yrs try a short one hour Ready Set Trot fun 4 kids session.
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Group Horse Day OutGroup Horse Day OutRide & Relax with your group. A unique horse connection experience, we will have you confidently handling your own horse, preparing to ride, developing riding skills and trotting away with confidence
Don't be a dummy on a horse trail ride playing follow the leader, not knowing what to do to handle your horse safely and stay in control...come and have a HORSE EXPERIENCE! .....lunch included. 
Horse Connection - Exclusive Private Group 1hr (up to 4 people)Horse Connection - Exclusive Private Group 1hr  (up to 4 people)Ideal for families wanting a horse experience or those wanting to develop their confidence with horses!
Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat

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Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat was showcased on Channel 7 "Great South East" and "Weekender" programs.
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