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All-inclusive riding package

Member Riding Education Pack All Inclusive

Essential Guide Before You Ride

Horse Riding Hub Member RIDING EDUCATION PACK for a safer horse experience

BONUS Covid Safe Gear Pack. The best start to learn about horses and horse riding!

GO RIDING with the beginner education specialist. Providing valuable education resources and books that can help you get started easier and safer with a guided learning path.

Pre-riding education to help you at each important turning point of your horse riding journey.

1. Learn the need to know basics about horses
2. How to ride a horse step by step and a great reference workbook
3. A must read before even thinking about buying that first horse

Set yourself up for success with resources to help you learn how to start riding a horse safely and confidently.

Beginners and Confidence Building step by step!
With guidance from a highly experienced horsewoman (over 45yrs), qualified coach, established horse riding school since 2006, and international author – Debbie Burgermeister.

What’s on offer for $175

$350 in value with a Member Riding Education Bundle

  • How To Get Started Riding GUIDE and pathway for Horse Lovers. (FREE)
  • The pre-riding safety CERTIFICATE. (FREE)
  • Hardcopy of the Giddy Up Beginner Books collection – Horse Lovers First Book, How To Ride A Horse, Ready For Your First Horse. Written to be read by children with large font and full colour pictures. ($120 Value).
  • Members SITE ACCESS for resources, fun learning quizzes, step by step guides and ongoing support. Includes over 15 one page cheat sheet summaries to help you easily understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse. ($110 Value)
  • Horse Basics Training VIDEOS including the Top 10 tips to help reduce the risks of getting hurt. Plus custom requests. (FREE)
  • Riding Gear VOUCHER. ($20 Value)
  • Store Shopping REWARD BUCKS for gear and gifts.
  • Horsey Notepad/Sketchbook 10x15cm with bonus bookmark, neem pencil and light pen with stylus ($18 Value)
  • Horse Girl Sticker ($3 Value)
  • BONUS Horse Riding Hub Cap ($35 Value)
  • Plus BONUS for Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat students, includes the Covid Safe Gear Pack with your own grooming kit and reins to ride. ($54 Value)

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