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Fundamentals of horse care & riding through Ready Set Trot check out the video:

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Closes to the heart of the Gold Coast, family run horse riding school. We help you be happy and healthy through horse experiences.

Personalised professional business that cares about you having some fun, gaining confidence and developing skills in a safe environment
Horse Care, Handling, Connection, Balance, Advancement.  Even unique day out experiences that is so much more than a trail ride!

* Over 10yrs established operation

* Highly experienced instructors with over 35yrs of knowledge and passion.

* Best horses as acknowledged by reviews.
* Quality facilities- Check out our pics
* Beautiful & peaceful location
* We know what you want- we welcome feedback!

Horse Riding is a very unique experience. Mastering our program at the Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat can provide you a great opportunity to boost your general confidence, develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

**Responsibility and care, Strength & empowerment, Ownership & knowledge for the very basics in everything horses

**Connecting on an emotional level, Concentration,  Confidence development, Challenge & achievement, The perfect way to start your riding journey

**Discover the variety of equine disciplines you can learn, Ride, Relax, Enjoy

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We invite you to share our Horse world through HORSE POWER

Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat presents our Not For Profit community focused horse handling and riding education centre. Supporting our heritage, all revenues that come into our organisation are put towards the welfare of our horses feed & care, providing you with quality coaching, safety equipment and facilities, and as much as we can do to provide you with a sustainable horse education centre, with ongoing improvement and accessibility.

We can accept tax deductable donations through this link at Australian Sports Foundation

This video says it all....

Unique to horses unlike humans they have the ability to mirror what we are experiencing and feeling, innately able to detect anger, aggression, anxiety, or calmness and kindness. In order to establish a positive relationship with a horse, the individual must learn to regulate internal feelings and external behaviours. Their accepting nature and their ability to give immediate, objective, non-verbal feedback combine to create an ideal experiential learning environment. 

Working with horses is very rewarding and focused on a healthy active lifestyle where you'll forget about the stresses and strains of you daily grind and connect with these beautiful animals providing an exhilarating feeling of freedom!
Our services
ENQUIRE NOW and request a detailed overview of our program outcomes
You are acquainted with a basic understanding of the horse world and development in the association with large animals. Take time out to unwind and discover more about yourself (voice & body language communication), empowerment & responsibility (confidence), dealing with challenges (leadership/personality styles) and learning life skills (listening ,balance & coordination). 
  • click here to view: FUN4KIDS HORSE INTRO CLASSES - Our GIDDY UP sessions in the Playground and at the Stable for individual groups 3-7yrs & 8+yrs, schools, organisations or daycares to learn the very basics in horse care and handling. Supporting a great competency based outdoor learning activity promoting Get Active Gold Coast. Development of communication and confidence at a young age. Providing a Giddy Up Kids reward & achievement program to incorporate into your horse journey or as part of a school sport program. Weekly 1hr sessions or customised sporting programs.  Horseplay days  a wonderful experience to maximise horse time and develop a bond with your favourite horse through care & riding, new friendships and the amazing feeling of horse freedom.
  • click here to view: RUN FREE PROGRAMS - Horse Connection therapeautic sessions to share our passion for you to experience the energy, joy & freedom horses have to offer. To inspire and engage individuals, families or groups. Through Horse Care & Handling, Body Language communication & Balanced riding. Run as short 1hr introductory sessions or across consecutive hour/consecutive week programs. 

Giddy Up Gold Coast - OUR MISSION
To make a change in this world by providing a structured opportunity for individuals to bond and connect with horses!  

Our mission is to have our organisation benefit youth and disadvantaged individuals in our community through offering opportunities to experience the emotional, mental and health benefits horse care, handling and horse riding can offer an individual.   

We believe strongly in the long term benefits that come from teaching empathy through animal care.  

Our vision is that others will experience the love, passion, energy and freedom horses can bring into an individual's life, manifested in the form of physical, social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Horse care, including bathing, grooming, saddling, riding and training, offers a marginalized or disadvantaged individual an opportunity to develop life skills in a non-threatening, therapeutic, non-judgemental environment.

  • As an individual becomes knowledgeable in the areas of horse care and riding, self-esteem and confidence increases, while feelings of stress and anxiety decrease. Horses develop empowerment, concentration and processing of instructions.
  • Individuals with physical challenges benefit from language development, muscle strength, coordination, flexibility and increased balance that comes with riding and training.
  • To work towards a more affordable horse experience and education options through Schools, Day Cares, Equestrian Australia Ready Set Trot and the local Sport and Recreation groups.
  • Professional, personalised and customised
  • Safety conscious approach and respect for each other and our animals
  • Helping others have fun and achieve personal goals in riding, horse care, training or ownership.
  • Development of horse connection to have a happy horse and rider
  • Horses kept in the best condition so they love to perform.
  • Assist the community by tackling the issue of childhood obesity, through encouraging youth to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. 
    Our wonderful horses and coaches are ready and waiting to ensure your horse riding provides you a memorable, rewarding, enjoyable experience.

    Working together with you and our team, Deb & Mark
    It's a horse world of fun, energy, freedom & excitement!

    Enquire now to discuss horse sponsorship, club membership, involvement in helping at the horse retreat, events etc.
    Donations to Giddy Up Goldcoast BSB: 034279 ACC: 423769. Email your bank receipt for a receipt to be sent to you.

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    GiddyUpKids - SINGLE CLASSGiddyUpKids - SINGLE CLASS
    A great introductory way to start your horse experience around the stables with the basics in horse safety, care & handling, horse related games and the understanding of horse riding balance
    CharitiesBonogin Valley Horse Retreat supports many community ventures These include the Mater Little Miracles appeal, Starlight Foundation, Oxfam & others
    Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat

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