Men's Day Out


Fundamentals of horse care & riding through Ready Set Trot check out the video:

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Closes to the heart of the Gold Coast, family run horse riding school. We help you be happy and healthy through horse experiences.

Personalised professional business that cares about you having some fun, gaining confidence and developing skills in a safe environment
Horse Care, Handling, Connection, Balance, Advancement.  Even unique day out experiences that is so much more than a trail ride!

* Over 10yrs established operation

* Highly experienced instructors with over 35yrs of knowledge and passion.

* Best horses as acknowledged by reviews.
* Quality facilities- Check out our pics
* Beautiful & peaceful location
* We know what you want- we welcome feedback!

Horse Riding is a very unique experience. Mastering our program at the Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat can provide you a great opportunity to boost your general confidence, develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

**Responsibility and care, Strength & empowerment, Ownership & knowledge for the very basics in everything horses

**Connecting on an emotional level, Concentration,  Confidence development, Challenge & achievement, The perfect way to start your riding journey

**Discover the variety of equine disciplines you can learn, Ride, Relax, Enjoy

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Men's Day Out
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Make your next big day out a MEN'S DAY OUT!
All day transport & lunch provided - with a Breaky Brew, Bronc Riding, Bush Golf, Burgers & Beer 

Price is for a group of minimum 5 up to 6 people 250pp including transport, horse experience, golf and lunch! 
  • 9am, You are picked up from your Gold Coast location with your friendly "Horsemaid Host" for the day.
  • And no morning is complete without a breaky brew made to order coffee/tea to greet you as you board for your day out.  
  • 9.30am, On arrival at the horse riding centre you are escorted by your lovely horsemaid to your "Cowgirl Coach" for the morning to take you through some bronc riding techniques (totally fine for beginners or let us challenge you), with bareback horse riding in our arena which can be as serious or as fun as you like and hopefully walking away without too many aches and pains. Bareback is seriously the best way to start out with learning to ride as it's all the fundamentals to get you started also separates the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • 11am, After you have discovered your cowboy within then we wisk you off to finish with a golf course in the bush, a few kangaroos in the mix and nothing better than a burger and beer with the blokes!
  • Available Monday, Friday or Sunday 9am-3pm
Just needing a break from your daily routine with a group of friends? Something unique to do? Or perhaps team building like never before!


Growing up
I grew up as the average farm girl on cattle and sheep property of around 2000acres developing my horsemanship from my father.  Helping out with farmwork, mustering, working and training horses and spending most weekends at a horse competition or camping away at polocrosse with my family of mum, dad and 2 brothers.  Pretty protected from the troubles of town life, parties etc as we lived an hour out of town with a 14km dirt driveway from the main road and my first car a 1969 Torana that would shake at 80km.  
Without technology
Fun times were shearing time jumping in wool bales, yabby hunting, spot lighting bunnies, swimming in the river, mud fights in the dam, driving in mud on the way to school, falling in stinging nettles and learning about doc weed, hunting for xmas trees, yowies and ufo's (they WERE real), making our own rabit stew, chooks running with their heads cutt off, picking blackberries, driving to hospital with broken ribs over multiple ramps and rough roads, working my horse in minus 5 degrees in the dark dodging rabbit holes and more.  Pretty blessed actually.  
Giving up competitive gymnastics at the age of 12 for the choice of horses. That was a bad financial decision for my adult years lol.
Leaving home and challenges
Last year of school I struggled through glandular fever and battled with this every year after leaving home and discovering the party life, until I worked out how to better look after my health.  On leaving home at 18 (which was the done thing to "get a job" as soon as you left school) to the big smoke (Sydney) to work on a quarterhorse stud pretty much as a slave with extremely long hours with no down time so I went back home to Tamworth to work at Pizza Hut and tried selling the Kirby vacume cleaner very unsuccessfully until I could work out what to do.  
I was then given an opportunity to work at a holiday farm on the central coast taking trail rides out and looking after holiday cabins which was AWESOME FUN for a couple of years especially going snorkelling with a pub lunch in our 3hr lunch break in the heat of the day.  All until a school visit at the pool on our property with a teacher in charge with no cpr training....We were presented with a very cold young boy with blue lips that we had to try resuscitate unsuccessfully.  
My 20s
So after the trauma on the farm, I went to work in a chicken factory during the day and a service station at night to get away from it all working in the gutting room sorting feet (totally disgusting) and on the band saw for 18mths until I nearly chopped my finger off, hearing a zip, slicing the mesh of my glove and thinking "what am I doing with my life". Mind you everyone should experience factory life because it certainly toughens you up.  My first day being told "you have to earn your respect here".   So as fate has it my ute (yes I had a lovely old HZ ute nicely done up) suddenly got stolen when I was at the shopping centre and there was no public transport to the factory so I had to resign. 
Culture shock
Nearly jumping ship and running home then I did a travel & tourism course (no idea why) and ended up working for Ansett Airlines in Sydney in holiday reservations (my interview consisted of "if you can work in a factory you can work here").  Oxford street was a culture shock for this country girl seeing the homeless on the streets, alcoholics, so many night clubs and my introduction to the gay community.
I had never been on a plane before and I got to travel to so many destinations with my first holiday choosing to travel overseas by myself on a contiki tour.....that was an eye opener and great learning experience.....wooo hooo I was having a great time!
Back to reality
My Dad got really sick from a cattle disease infection which developed into chronic fatigue and then my perfect parents divorced and decided to tell me I had a long lost FULL BLOODED sister.  Mum got pregnant before they were married and Dad was forced off to the army so it was not acceptable those days before marriage and Mum had to move from a little beach town of Coobowie to Melbourne to have her daughter of which she couldn't even see at birth and rushed off for adoption. How my mother coped with that for over 25 years and couldn't tell me when I really wanted a sister growing up was amazing and super tough mentally to hold a secret that long and strain on a relationship.  So we went to find her successfully and my sister has 2 lovely children the same age as mine and we keep in touch.
Marriage & children into my 30s and 40s
Living in Sydney I ended up with a city boy who is my wonderful husband Mark today. We took 7yrs to get engaged because Mark had to come to terms that horses and polocrosse were like glue and not ever going to be in our life.  My Dad still plays polocrosse at the age of 70 and I've been playing for 30yrs. It's the best way also to get the kids away from technology roughing it in the horsefloat and camping on the weekends. Plus the game is the best stress release like rugby on horseback really!
Getting married in 2003 and working out where we could both be happy we rented a little old house west of Sydney on 5acres with an outside toilet which was an experience and a lot of fun. Bought our first house near Camden, agisting my horse across the road then redundancies with the airlines and other contracts ending we moved to the Gold Coast hinterland where we are today.  
Decided we wanted children which took a long time then when finally pregnant discovering we were having twins, at 25weeks with a gastric virus and bleeding on the 10th of December 2009, then rushed to Mater Mothers in Brisbane that night thinking I was in for 3 months bed rest.  But behold early next morning my waters broke (no idea what that really was) and told we had to give birth by response being "no, I'm not ready". SO......out come Jackson just 810g & Keira just 560g at 5.30am in the morning, put on oxygen fighting for their life for 100 days in hospital. We couldn't hold them for the first 4 weeks.  Our kids are full of health today but had their battles with monthly hospital visits and surgeries up to about the age of 5.  

End of the day we survive our hardships,  and if I can help others through their battles through my passion with horses that is my mission..............

Focusing on bareback balanced horseriding to master the ground work into a true bonding and working relationship.  You will walk away with a feeling of control and confidence.

Engage in this specially designed program that was developed by Debbie Burgermeister, Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony rider and all round horsewoman. With over 35 years of horse experience and numerous coaching qualifications, Debbie will pass on her knowledge and have you horse whispering in no time.
And there's a lot more to horse riding than you might think. Mastering the program can truly develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom!
It's the perfect way to introduce the enjoyment of horses and the great outdoors and it's also a fun and unique experience to share with others in a safe environment. 

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