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Welcome to our webpage celebration of our two miracle babies; Jackson & Keira

Our twins were born at only 25 weeks gestation, nearly 4 months too early. Due to be born end of March 2010, they came into the world mid December 2009. The average weight of a baby at birth is 3500g. Jackson weighed 810g and Keira 560g (about the weight of a tub of margarine).

They were so small, they could each fit into Dad's hand.

Jackson & Keira are true survivors. At birth they were given less than 70% chance of living. And if they lived, there was a 20% chance of a major physical or mental disability.

During their first 12 weeks, they were either diagnosed or closely monitoring development of challenges associated with very young premmies; chronic lung disease, hyaline membrane disease, jaundice, anaemia, reflux, hyperglycaemia, hypaglycaemia, retinopathy of prematurity (eye sight), further weight loss at birth, non-closure of heart duct, brain haemorrhaging, hearing and lots more. Each of the above was a battle one after the other at different weeks of their lives. The miracle is that both of our babies fought and won virtually all of these battles.

They came home for the first time on Monday 22 March 2010 after spending their first 102 days of life (nearly 1/3 of a year) in the amazing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Brisbane Mater Mothers' Hospital as well 3 weeks at John Flynn Hospital Gold Coast.

We are so very proud of our babies. They have come a very long way. We would like to thank family, friends, staff and customers for their amazing support for what has been an incredibly difficult time for Mum & Dad.

A very big thank you goes to the amazing group of doctors and nurses at NICU, a wonderful and dedicated group of people. Thank you for your support, time and amazing care of our children. A big thank you to the wonderful nurse (name unknown but please come forward) who in the wee hours of Xmas morning placed near their cribs 2 Xmas cards; one from Jackson & one from Keira addressed to Mum & Dad. In them were real ink prints of their tiny feet. That will be a Xmas morning Debbie & I will never forget for the rest of our lives.

Also thanks to Gaylene and crew at John Flynn Hospital. It was a short but memorable 3 weeks.

However, a special and greatest mention goes to one amazing person. Dr Luke Jardine, Neonatologist at NICU. Luke, thank you for saving their lives. You are an all-round exceptional human being & we are very grateful to have met you.

I hope you enjoy the photos below which show a glimpse of our world December 2009 - March 2010.

All our love,
Mark & Deb, Jackson & Keira

Day 02-Jackson                       Day 11-Jackson

Jackson. Day 2 of life. Things were looking pretty grim at this time                                                                    Jackson again on Day 11. Battling on

Day 15-Keira's Incubator - NICU                        Day 16-Keira

Keira's cot-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Brisbane Mater.                                                                  Keira on Day 16. So incredibly fragile and small.
Pink bear angel protecting her.

Day 23-Keira                       Day 38-Jackson

Keira on Day 23. Not much bigger than my hand                                                                             Jackson on Day 38

Day 40-Jackson            Day 58-Jackson

My first ever hold of my son. Day 40 of life                                                                 Jackson getting some emotional strength from Mum. Day 58                                                                    

Day 69-Mums first double cuddle           Day 71-Dads first double cuddle

A very big moment. Mum's first ever double cuddle. Day 69 of life                                      A moment I'll never forget. Dad's first ever "double-trouble cuddle". Day 71

Day 72-Keira

One of my favourite photos. Keira praying Day 72.

Day 73-First cot together               Day 81-Ambulance transport

Day 73. The twins first time together. Jackson meet Keira. Keira meet Jackson.                                    Day 81. The babies check out of Brisbane Mater for ambulance transfer to John Flynn hospital


Day 91-Goodbye!

Day 91-"Goodbye everyone!"

Day 100-Major Milestone

A major milestone - Kids on Day 100 of life. Leaving hospital very soon....

Celebrities Jackson & Keira (and their first modelling shoot!)

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