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Essential Starter Program Education Bundle

Horse RIding Hub Education

Know the exact steps to take and in the right order for taking that horse crazy child to a confident rider and maybe owning a horse one day.

Reduce the risks of getting hurt with a step by step guide from a horse expert that will support you on your journey to learn all the basics about horses and horse riding.
Track your learning development goals and achievements with a simple education pathway checklist along the way.

Are you serious about learning to ride? For the best start to learning about horses and horse riding, or to become an even better rider – Seek guidance from a beginner education specialist! With guidance from a highly experienced horsewoman (over 45yrs), qualified coach, established horse riding school owner and international author – Debbie Burgermeister.

Purchase of the Horse Riding Hub Education Bundle will help you establish a safer and more enjoyable experience for you and your horse. To help you easily understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and horse ownership.

Checklist – If you can’t do these things easily then you are a beginner: 

  • Can you catch, lead, tie with a slip knot, brush and clean out feet?
  • Can you prepare your horse to ride by putting on a saddle and bridle?
  • Can you walk, stop and turn with hand and leg aids in circles and figure of eights?
  • Can you stand in the stirrups and balance in the two point riding position at the walk in different arena movements?
  • Can you sit trot or rise trot in control without your heels coming up or pulling on the reins for balance?



  1. Receive the How To Get Started Riding Guide and in the post your welcome pack of the Beginners Blueprint – Pathway Pocket Guide, Giddy Up Beginner 3 book collection plus a Fun Pack with sketchbook/sticker/bookmark/pencil/light pen & cap.
  2. Receive a welcome email and access the Horse Riding Hub members site to guide you step by step through the resources, fun learning quizzes, step by step video and ongoing support.  
  3. Schedule progress support calls with Deb from the booking calendar.
  4. Read the Giddy Up Beginner books “Horse Lovers First Book”, “How To Ride A Horse” and “Ready For Your First Horse”
  5. Complete Quiz Certificates for the pre-riding safety certificate and to test your knowledge on the books.
  6. Join Pony Club Australia membership when you are ready for that next phase after starting your riding journey. Pony Club enables access to eight industry recognised certificates covering horse riding, training, behaviour and responsible ownership.  The practical elements are completed at your nearest pony club riding centre. 
  7. Congratulations! You are on your way to and easier and safer horse riding journey. 

Choose Horse Riding Hub Education:

  • Walk away with all the skills and knowhow for beginners. 
  • Learn how to communicate with horses and feel in control through horse handling skills and balanced riding techniques.
  • Make sure you aren’t the dummy on a horse trail ride playing follow the leader.
  • Be confident in handling your horse safely, stay in control and learn all the basics you need to have fun with horses!
  • Receive completely personalised training when you are ready to ride.

If these are skills you want to master, the Horse Riding Hub Education Bundle is for you!

What creates a great horse person? Is it your connection to your horse? Your skills in the saddle? Good riding is a conversation with your horse.
Develop a healthy and trusting relationship with your horse using communication cues your horse understands and accepts.