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Quick Details

Participant Private Session 1.5hrs
Participant Private Group Session 1.5hrs (2-3 people)
Participant Half Day 3hr Workshop 3hrs (3-4 people)
Participant Half Day 3hr Workshop extras 3hrs (5-8 people)
Participant Full Day 6hr Workshop 5+yrs per person

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Horses Helping Humans award-winning program at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat.

Developed by Sue Spence, specifically to help young people learn how to display calm assertiveness, to focus, and to have respect as well as empathy for others.


Who is this for

Suitable for Individual private session or group class. Private group/Family/business.
Individual Participants, Youth, Families, Community Services Staff, Teams, NDIS

Although dedicated to youth, the program is suitable for any age group. In particular, we work with people who may be experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression, ASD, ADHD, ADD, domestic violence, trauma, anger issues, shyness / lack of confidence, fears/phobias and more.

Participants do not need to have any previous horse experience and will not be riding a horse in this program.

Prior to booking register your interest by filling out this referral form:

View HHH Referral medical_form.pdf


What is it

Horses Helping Humans is an equine assisted learning program helping disengaged and disadvantaged youth through horsemanship skills. The program has been developed by Sue Spence, a highly regarded public speaker, workshop facilitator, author and educator who has been running the successful program at her Gold Coast facility for over 18 years. We are proud to announce that the program is now available in additional facilities on the Gold Coast to cope with high demand, delivered by licensed facilitator, Debbie Burgermeister.

Horses Helping Humans is an incredibly simple, yet profoundly effective program that invites participants to step into the world of Natural Horsemanship (horse whispering, which is trust and respect). Experience first-hand the results of effective communication and body language.

Working together with horses:

  • We teach participants about the four main personality types (delivered with a twist!) and how their dominant types predispose them to certain body language and energy projection, particularly when under stress.
  • Learning to stay calm and focused during challenging interactions, imperative for success.
  • We teach participants emotional regulation and vital communication skills in a fun and safe environment, which builds their confidence and social awareness.
  • Students learn how to back their horse away from them to create healthy boundaries, how to circle their horse around them on a 12 ft lead, and pop them over a jump.
  • Non-verbal communication to send the strongest message, not only in the equine world but also amongst humans.

As a result of the program many of the participants are then empowered to re-engage back into education, workforce, society or their community. These life changing skills also impact the lives of others in their direct environment.

This program has become an extremely important and valuable therapeutic tool, in order to engage with students and achieve tangible outcomes.

Duration, Pricing and Availability

  1. Three Week course group class $450pp (2-3 people) $165pp/wk for 1.5hrs per week
  2. Half Day Workshop $720 (up to 4 people – additional $100pp up to 8 people) for a 3hr workshop
  3. Private Individual sessions $180pp for 1.5hrs
  4. All day Workshops $200pp (3-8 people) for 6hrs


  • Tuesday – Friday private individual sessions and group classes 1.30-3pm based on availability.
  • Some mornings Tuesday and Wednesday for half day workshops 9.30am-12.30pm.