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1-6 Riders • Kids and Adults • 4 Hrs • Horse Care, Handling Confidence and Riding Balance

Quick Details

Rider (Ages 10+) Ages 10+

Recommended learning program to support your learning as a beginner see Essential Starter Program.

Do you want to enjoy your ride? This class is the perfect way to build riding confidence and strength in riding development.

What creates a great ride? Is it your connection to your horse or your skills in the saddle?
BALANCE is the key ingredient to enjoy your ride physically and mentally.

Are you hurting your horse when you ride? Do you feel like the horse is not doing anything you want?
This is because beginner riders are giving many mixed signals for the horse, pulling on their mouth and bouncing on their back for balance.

Develop a healthy and trusting relationship with your horse using communication cues your horse understands and accepts.


SUNDAY CLINICS – Learn all about horses and horse riding development, for beginners and those wanting to be a better rider!

Focused on connecting with horses on the ground and in the saddle, the clinic includes:

  • 30min safety and set up gear needed, meet the horses and student selection.
  • 60min dedicated to horse bonding, horse handling confidence and horse care with balance skills in a bareback pad.
  • 30min Equicizer mechanical horse balance skills on Belle and Cascade. Riding strength to speed up the learning process and greatly improve the experience for horse and rider.
  • 30min become competent in riding preparation tack up with saddle and bridle.
  • 60min horse riding lesson skill development.
  • 30min untack and put horses away.