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A$ 180

HORSE FREEDOM – Horse care, horse handling and riding development with Debbie Burgermeister

A refreshing, challenging & exciting way to spend your day, that rivals other activities. Fun, calming, non-threatening! Boosting confidence in yourself and your abilities. Create friendships and wonderful memories.

  • Ladies, are you looking for something different, to connect with other women in nature away from our busy lives and to have some fun?
  • Time and space needed for you to truely unwind, relax and focus on yourself!
  • Do you love horses and coffee?
  • Connect with horses safely and confidently in nature!
  • Likeminded people & Horse Fun – what could be better?


Horsemanship, how to communicate with horses and feel in control through horse handling skills and balanced riding techniques. Learn how to be a better rider and walk away with confidence.


  • 3hr sessions
  • Start the day with a coffee or tea at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat for the first 30min.
  • 30min is preparing yourself and your horse to ride
  • 90min is horsemanship/horse training/riding time/skills coaching/or just having fun on horseback
  • Last 30min is untack and put horses away
  • Friday mornings for well experienced riders able to get own horse ready to trail ride.
  • Wednesday and Friday afternoons for arena skill development from beginners to advanced.


Good old fashioned horsemanship to learn everything about horses and how to not just be a passenger on the back of a horse. Horse freedom with head coach Debbie Burgermeister sharing over 40yrs of knowledge!

Feel the freedom of horses with equine energy – Horse power customised for your group aimed with positive outcomes! Empowerment, Time out to unwind, Leadership and understanding your personality, Care & responsibility.

Beautiful countryside, feeling safe in a lovely horse arena and knowing you are discovering things about yourself and becoming one with your horse.
Boost your confidence in yourself & your abilities while having fun! Develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom!

Don’t be a dummy on a horse trail ride playing follow the leader, not knowing what to do to handle your horse safely, stay in control and learn all the basics you need to have fun with horses!

Regular experienced attendees will get to trail ride or ride to the cafe and short trails, get matched with a horse to feel like you own, without the high cost and time that comes with horse ownership.


The best introduction to horses and how to be a better rider – customised to your needs in a safe arena environment:

1. INTRO TO HORSE HANDLING/RIDING PREPARATION: Observe horse behaviour, how to approach them, catching, leading, tie up knots, grooming and learning all about horse care and handling.

2. HORSE CONNECTION GROUND HANDLING: Through body language and communication techniques for success to establish join up with a horse, moving the horse around to feel in control, horse behaviour techniques through lunging and liberty work.

3. HORSE CONNECTION BALANCED RIDING: With bareback pads we transfer the ground handling techniques to horseback through balance exercises and communication skills that prepare you if you want to learn horse riding or just be a better rider.

4. HORSE RIDING SKILLS: Understanding your horse movement to work with your horse in partnership. Riding strength and balance, horse performance with good riding technique. How to improve and progress riding skills to advancement in various equine disciplines.

5. HORSE OWNERSHIP KNOWLEDGE: Work through a handy cheat sheet summaries book to help you prepare and understand what is involved with owning a horse or going out and buying your first horse. First aid treatments, hoof care, drenching, feeding, supplements, bandaging, horse and saddlery gear and so much more.


– Exposure to nearly every horse sport across 40yrs in english and western equine disciplines
– Qualified Coach EA Level 1 General, CertIII Sports Coach, NCAS Sports Coach, Trainer and Assessor, Mental Health First Aid, Senior First Aid and Blue Card
– Loves Coaching and a great teacher, owning her riding school since 2006
– Very Patient with the ability to adapt to many personality types
– High technique focus for accelerated development
– Owns wonderful horses to teach you and has access to other highly experienced specialised coaches


  • Helping others and seeing the joy that horses bring into lives and to change lives through animal assisted learning.
  • The Sports of Polocrosse competing to state level and Horse Archery
  • Working with teens and adults that are looking for a new challenge.
  • Helping people find purpose when life is busy, stressful, kids left home, after retirement etc. Sharing the amazing feeling of freedom with horses.
  • Helping beginner horse lovers and horse owners avoid horse mistakes to have a safer horse education journey.