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The best start to horse riding. Get book 2 and 3 free.

Giddy Up Beginner Books 3 books collection

The best introduction to horse riding

WARNING – Do not buy a horse before reading these books and do not start horse riding lessons until you or your child are ready to fall in love with horses.

Be sure to give your child a safer start to horse riding and reduce the risk of getting hurt!

Only $20 for the 3 book collection valued at $120, plus a free bookmark.
Once you read the first book, simply leave a review from your purchase confirmation email to receive the next 2 books for free.

Plus receive a bonus $20 voucher to spend on horse riding gear or gifts with online store purchases.

The Giddy Up Beginner 3-Book Collection

  • Hardcopy of the 3 books mailed to you
  • Horse Lover’s First Book: The basics you need to know about horses.
  • How To Ride A Horse: Riding lessons for beginners workbook with bonus development guide for parents.
  • Ready For Your First Horse: An expert’s guide to preparing you when looking for that beginner’s horse for sale.

Giddy Up Beginner Books, written by Debbie Burgermeister, horse riding school owner and head coach since 2006, with over 40 years of horsemanship knowledge to share. Over 14 years teaching kids, with requests from parents for a development goal guide.

The interactive learning books were written to be read by children with large font and pictures.
The books set you on the right path and open your eyes to the large world of horses and their responsibilities: Things to watch out for, things to know and things to get excited about.

Encouraging safety and being informed before decisions are made to buy that first horse.

Learning safely, starting out with the core fundamentals to support the future of sensible, confident, and capable horse handlers and riders.

These books are every child’s equine essentials kit to begin a wonderful journey with horses and learn valuable life skills.

Development of confidence, care, and communication are the blessings Deb wishes you for a happy and healthy life.

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